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Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Hope everyone has a splendid love-filled day!


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It was pretty nice out yesterday.

Now, it’s cold again. Go figure.

Here are some Valentine’s Day photos I snapped on Newbury Street on my break from work. Then, a paparazzi shot of couple dining. Creepy, yes. Also, the picture didn’t turn out that well. But the feeling is there, no? Though blurry, they still look pretty cute to me.

Ivy, strange mannequins of grown men, the always fascinating T, bears wearing dresses, and candlelight at dusk. Happy Tuesday. xoxo.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish I had a more Boston-based picture to post, but I’ve been working all weekend. However, I took this grand picture of my friend Mary-Sue at work last night, and it sort of encapsulates what I think is the best thing about the holiday: EATING DELICIOUS¬†SWEETS ALL DAY LONG. (In this case, red-velvet cheeeesecake. Also, Mary-Sue is from Iowa, is, like, 5’4″¬†and she just happens to be a certified firefighter, so she is totally BAD-ASS. Also, her hair is amazing.)

Then my friend Dan came along and joined the picture. And look at this photo! It’s just filled with so much love. (Dan is also awesome, obviously, and teaches 3rd grade full-time, and then comes to work after school is done and works again all night, and he is the hard-working cat’s pajamas, but sometimes he goes to tables with food and is like “Raise your hand if you ordered the chicken piccata” and people are like, um……)

This last accidental picture made me think of the book I’m reading. It’s called Age of Iron, and supposedly I read it in college, but when I picked it up the other day and read the first few pages I was like, “I’ve never read this book!” which is sort of what happens whenever I look at reading-material from my glory days of university. (Even the stuff, that’s, like, high-lighted and shit….) It freaks me out. Anyhow, I’m re-reading it, and it’s very good, but very sad, and there’s this one passage where the narrator, who is in her early seventies and sick, is talking about how when you get older, no one ever touches you anymore. (Bare with me here.) And she admits she wants to maybe go to the hospital sometimes just because she knows a nurse would touch her everyday. Strange. I don’t know why I’m twenty-four and already think about that stuff sometimes, but I live with great girlfriends and it’s weird to think about being old and alone and no one ever just putting their hand on your shoulder or something. (Yep, I am writing this…) But I think it’s great to give hugs and just a nice pat on the back sometimes, and I feel like in this photo below, Dan’s wonderfullness and love of Mary-Sue is really apparent, and so is the love that develops between friends.

(I may have to wear a tie while I serve burgers, but I work with some great people.) I hope everyone has a Valentine’s Day filled with red-velvet cheesecake and an arm-pat from a good friend. Also, hug old people more.




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