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Talking Newt’s Surprise Win at the Manicure Place.

Things the woman sitting next to me at the nail salon said to her friend today, while flipping through US Weekly.
100% true.

-Do you still watch Gossip Girl?
-But you watch New Girl, right? Oh my God, so funny.
-Wait, do you watch 2 Broke Girls? It’s sooo funny.
-Uh, oh my God, I love Blake Shelton.
-He is—he’s a fav.
-Wait, Drew Barrymore is engaged? Are you kidding!?
-Who even is this guy?
-I didn’t even know she had a BOY-friend!
-Will..Kopelmahn? Will…Kaaahpelmen?
-Whoa, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldena are dating.
-That’s weird.
-That’s super weird.
-She looks great in everything though.
-That doesn’t even look anything like Reese Witherspoon in this picture.
-Does that look like Reese Witherspoon to you?
-No, right?
-She looks weird.
-It was so sad when she and Ryan Phillipe broke up.
-I was, like, so sad.
-No, you’re right, her new guy is really great.
-Oooh, Curtis Stone had his baby!!!!
-Hudson! What a cute name. So cute.
-Yeah, with that girl from 90210.
-Um, she was on Lipstick Jungle?
-Wait you never saw Lipstick Jungle!!!! Such a good show.

And so on and so forth.
And the kicker: she was wearing a GIANTS jersey. Meh.


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Is that Tom Brady?

Walking home the other day down Tremont, I came across an odd site: a grown man with a backwards baseball hat on, throwing a football up and down in his hands and laughing like he didn’t have a care in the world, while a pretty blonde woman smiled and looked on. The two of them looked like the prom king and queen—glowing and with the nice car even—frozen in time amid a dreary rush-hour.

(And apparently, I wasn’t the only one who saw them and reverted back to freshman year…)

I guess sometimes we just can’t look away.


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