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She’s from Cambridge!!!!

Doesn’t Mindy look so beautiful? (This is at the S.A.G. awards. Her glow is clearly from all those time she waited on the platform at Harvard and stared down the oncoming trains, wondering, “Ashmont?” or “Braintree?”)

So, yeah, Mindy grew up in Cambridge. Went to BB&N. Then to Dartmouth. Apparently this is all old news:

Whatever, I’m still excited. SUPER-EXCITED. Guys, we’re all practically BFF with Mindy!!! Yay for Tuesday!




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Hey, OMG you guys…it’s snowing AGAIN!

When this happens for like the 47th time since Christmas, there is only one thing you can really do: stay in, make breakfast for dinner, and watch the pilot of The Office.

My roomie, making bacon and pancakes.

Though I give Season 1 a thumbs-up, this endless snow…..NO THANK YOU.
(Actually, I don’t have a car so who am I kidding; it’s great!)

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