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Blue to Yellow.

Yesterday, I was having a blah day. And it stank. And there was no real reason for said blah-ness, which made it even worse. But sometimes those days just happen, I guess. (But do they happen to Kate Middleton? Riddle me this…)

Of course, there is one upside to having a bad day, or morning, or afternoon, and that is the moment you come out of it. I’m always very into that moment—the clouds parting sort of thing. It’s like, “meh meh meh my life is stupid and blah blah and then: hey, this piece of toast with peanut butter and honey on it is good….and…I’M A HAPPY PERSON!!”, and then all of a sudden you’re giggling and licking your fingers and shaking your butt. Bam. Mood gone.

So in honor of mood-turners, here are three things that got me feeling good yesterday:

This song:

(loved this is 5th grade; had absolutely no idea what she was talking about)

This man:

I ran into him on the street and we remembered each other from St.Patty’s day and he was again smoking a cigar which he blew in my face but it was lovely to see him and exchange such happy hello’s of recognition and feel like there are still things like neighborhoods out there. I like this North End place, I tell ya.

(Also, that coat is marvelous. As is how Rondo played on Tuesday night. And how bat-shit crazy KG is. (It’s a beautiful thing, KG’s insanity—it’s like performance art.) No, if the Celtics keep winning—and hopefully in a bit more dominating fashion…—one can never have an excuse to be crabby again.)

AND THEN, I saw this play with my friend Amy:

(A play! Plays are cool! You should see it, too! It’s in the South End! Tickets at BostonTheatreScene.com!)

And THEN I just remembered this:

(So…four things. I lied.)

Little Brady in a Patriots hat. That is my Zoloft.

Happy Thursday.



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