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The Ground Meat Blues.

I’m so depressed. And it’s not because in my last yoga class the teacher called me out like fifteen times for not doing the correct move and was like, “no, no, do your antelope pose with your knee here Caroline!” and then tried to move my knee the five inches herself, which wouldn’t budge, and then we were just staring at each other in sadness for awhile and it was awkward. No, what makes me sad is the fact that I just went through a slideshow of the ten greatest burgers in Boston on Boston.com, and I’ve only had ONE of them! (And it was like five years ago!) How IS THIS POSSIBLE??? (And why are half of them fifty bucks??)

But man, do I love me some burgers. And, honestly, besides communists and vegetarians, who doesn’t? Burgers are so perfect. They’re summer. They’re ketchup. They look hot when they hook up with cheese. Sometimes I lay awake at night debating my true happy place: is it really good pizza and a Diet Coke, or a really good cheeseburger and a Diet Coke? So much tossing and turning, and I still haven’t figured it out. But it’s like, Leo? Or Tom Brady? THEY’RE DIFFERENT THINGS OKAY.

Like most people, I grew up going to sketchy fast-food places as a treat. My mom would take us a few times a month after soccer practice if we begged hard enough—mmm, shin guards and Big Macs—and my father would take my brother and me about four times in the span of two days, aka whenever we were with him on the weekends and he had to feed us. (For years most of my friends were happy meal toys.) So it’s interesting now how McDonald’s is Starbucking itself and most likely going to be a very different type of fast food place in the future. I can imagine that when I have kids one day (scaaa-reeey), and I’m taking them to Mickey D’s in order to bribe them, I’ll be like “you fools, once these places were underground and RAW and homeless people slept in the plastic booths—you know nothing!”)

But back to that glorious slideshow of local eats. It made me hungry, and it made me very mad at my tunafish sandwich today. I want to try some of these burgers. Excluding the super-expensive ones, does anyone have some suggestions? (Is anyone alive out there? CAN-YOU-HEAR-ME. Yes, I love Titanic..and comments…) Anyhow, the Eagle’s Deli photo scares me a lot, but I think I may have to check out Wild Willy’s Burger and Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage soon, based off of those amazing restaurant names alone. Yep, I’m going to eat my way through that list this summer. And maybe I just will have to make it over to that Craigie on Main, plop down twenty bucks, and see what all the fuss is about.


(And happy teeny-tiny burst of sunshine—as my dad’s german ex-girlfriend would always say, “Thanks Gods for it!”)


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I’m excited for the game tonight.

Incredible finish on Sunday night; Ray Allen BE STILL MY HEART. (OptimistFreak is so right about that whole positive energy thing.) And it’s a little lame, but I love the ritual of reading about the game the next morning—or five minutes after it’s over on ESPN.com—and re-living all the good stuff, as if you somehow forgot what happened. But after a win like Sunday’s, there’s nothing better than that.

So…let’s win tonight, shall we?


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Back to the cold thing.

(Okay, clearly I took this picture in February, as there is snow on the ground, but this photo still works for today somehow. It’s a very Monday-looking photo. Also, that teapot is cool.)

In other news, I was walking down the street and talking to my mom on my cell-phone the other day, when a cat appeared on the curb from behind some bushes. It was orange and white, and acting all lost and shady. I mumbled something about a strange cat being on the sidewalk near me, and my mother said, “Wait, are you saying you’re walking past an actual animal right now, or are you describing to me a cool person that you’re seeing?” Obviously, I was speechless.

Oh, and one last important note: does anyone else get overly excited when you’re about to go to bed and you’re standing at the sink brushing your teeth like a zombie, when you suddenly remember that you showered a few hours ago and then did nothing, meaning you DON’T have to go through that horribly tiring ordeal of washing your face tonight and then rubbing cream all over it? Maybe it’s just me, but that epiphany can bring a lot of joy. A lot. I practically bounded into my bed in a fit of giggles and thankfulness last night. Washing your face is so boring and wet sometimes, right?


Happy Monday.


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