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Big game tonight.
And like Ray in this amazing photo of 90s tight-and-belted-blue-jeans above, I was not amused with Game 1. At all. It gave me a serious case of heart burn. Let’s hope Rondo and Baby play MUCH better, the refs aren’t huge BIG idiots, and Lebron does his confused and hurt face all night long.
Also, there’s this…
(photo from onthebuzz.wordpress.com)

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I’m excited for the game tonight.

Incredible finish on Sunday night; Ray Allen BE STILL MY HEART. (OptimistFreak is so right about that whole positive energy thing.) And it’s a little lame, but I love the ritual of reading about the game the next morning—or five minutes after it’s over on ESPN.com—and re-living all the good stuff, as if you somehow forgot what happened. But after a win like Sunday’s, there’s nothing better than that.

So…let’s win tonight, shall we?


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You gotta love this coat. And the serious swagger this dude’s got going on. I hope the Celtics get some of their swagger back in the playoffs. Usually happens when YOU WIN GAMES, an area the team has been lacking in as of late. Also, my boyfriend predicts “a complete bloodbath” with the Knicks. (He always sounds like a seventy-year-old man when he talks about sports, complete with copious head-nodding and strange Tim Allen grunting sounds.) Do I have faith? The sportswriter in the Improper Bostonian wrote something in the recent issue like, “If they lose in the first round, I wouldn’t be surprised. If they won it all, I wouldn’t be surprised.” Well, that’s sort of a total cop-out, if you ask me. They’re old! They’re warriors! Rondo sucks! Rondo’s amazing! Kendrick Perkins where arrreeee you….

But get this: I watched the 2008 win (and essentially all the ’08 play-off games) in a bar in Allston with my friend Emma, who just found out a few days ago she got into nursing school in Austin and is REALLY excited about that. So….I’m thinking that there has to be some gas left in the tank. Right? Or, as OptimistFreak says, let’s put positive vibes out there, because hey, you CAN affect the world with your energy, and that includes Ray’s shooting touch! Sure, the risk is getting your heart broken by strained-calf Shaq and Co., but if they play well and play their hearts out, you want to say you were no negative Nancy, and that you did believe. COME ON CELTICS!!!


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Happy All-Star Game.

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Yeah, he’s pretty f-ing sweet.

All-time records=complete bad-assville. Congratulations Ray.

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