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When I was living in New York City I would walk by a pale green Vespa every day. It was always parked in the same spot on 77th street, and it was a beautiful little thing. Sometimes, depending on the time of day, I would see pretty German-looking people milling around it with coffees and nice looking sun-glasses. I really enjoyed this Vespa, and these pretty German-looking people. Not only were they easy on the eyes, but they were one of the small things that was consistent in my New York life, and so they became very neighboorhood-y to me—like, woop there’s there’s the homeless guy who lives outside the magazine store and bathes in the Starbucks; there’s the security guard smoking and humming and nodding his head at me as I pass with a plastic bag full of granola bars for lunch; and hey, there’s the beautiful pale green vespa glittering in the sun.

Well, anyHOO, I saw the green vespa today after work! I was just walking along and minding my own business and enjoying the delicious cool air we had today and I saw it and was like, Vessssspa! Is that youuuuu? You look so good! Where are your parents! I took out my camera to take a missing persons’ picture, took it (as you will see), and then three seconds later its owner came over—a pretty young girl in a straw hat, reeking of coolness. (I think it’s a requirement that you have to be REALLY fabulous to own a pale green Vespa.) I backed away asap to avoid major creepiness, but I still took another photo anyway. I think I even got the fabulous girl hugging her fabulous hipster friend good-bye.

Yay for Vespas!

And one day, when I live in Italy and bathe in bathtubs filled with raspberries, I will own one too.



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“When I was your age…

…I was putting myself through college in Boston paddling swan boats for the tourists.”
Kenneth: “Is that a euphemism for some kind of sex worker?”
(Photo and excellent 30 Rock quote recollection courtesy of MikeTomlin.)

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Feels like Friday.

The OptimistFreak, giggling in front of le Barking Crab. Those red and yellow stripes always put me in a good mood—means summer is here.

My roommates are both beautiful, right? (And clearly they have a thing for cute shoes.) Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful day. Go Celtics!


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There was a lamb there all along!

Many months ago, during our frigid and long winter, I posted some photos of the Catholic Church on Hanover Street. I loved how the statues looked buried in the snow, and I loved the bright green and super-cheesy wall that served as a back-drop.

WELL, I was walking around the same spot the other day, in the midst of a glorious GLORIOUS spring day, and I noticed how the whole area had been totally transformed: gone were the grey snow and fallen branches; in its’ place now a stunning display of pink flowers and heat and green grass and new life and tourists peeking at things and late April loveliness. And I discovered something entirely new about the site while I was at it: lambs! (Baby lambs!) Who knew, but there were baby lambs near the stoic praying people all along!

Speaking of the world’s most precious lamb….

Still not over it.

Probably never will be.


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Gisele in Beacon Hill!

Okay, not really. But this girl totally looks like a supermodel to me…


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Hood and cute shoes.

Two good things about spring: soft serve on Salem street and MikeTomlin’s shoes. (The whole outfit, really.)



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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

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You gotta love this coat. And the serious swagger this dude’s got going on. I hope the Celtics get some of their swagger back in the playoffs. Usually happens when YOU WIN GAMES, an area the team has been lacking in as of late. Also, my boyfriend predicts “a complete bloodbath” with the Knicks. (He always sounds like a seventy-year-old man when he talks about sports, complete with copious head-nodding and strange Tim Allen grunting sounds.) Do I have faith? The sportswriter in the Improper Bostonian wrote something in the recent issue like, “If they lose in the first round, I wouldn’t be surprised. If they won it all, I wouldn’t be surprised.” Well, that’s sort of a total cop-out, if you ask me. They’re old! They’re warriors! Rondo sucks! Rondo’s amazing! Kendrick Perkins where arrreeee you….

But get this: I watched the 2008 win (and essentially all the ’08 play-off games) in a bar in Allston with my friend Emma, who just found out a few days ago she got into nursing school in Austin and is REALLY excited about that. So….I’m thinking that there has to be some gas left in the tank. Right? Or, as OptimistFreak says, let’s put positive vibes out there, because hey, you CAN affect the world with your energy, and that includes Ray’s shooting touch! Sure, the risk is getting your heart broken by strained-calf Shaq and Co., but if they play well and play their hearts out, you want to say you were no negative Nancy, and that you did believe. COME ON CELTICS!!!


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Yay for girlfriends.

I see this scene all the time in the North End: two old Italian ladies with their grocery carts, engaged in spirited conversation on a street corner. Makes me happy, and makes me miss my college friends. Also, reminds me of this video below, which is always a mood-lifter. I would be happy if I turned into this woman (well, man…) one day.

Happy Tuesday


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Tarps=a fun time

I was walking home past the Saturday Haymarket this weekend when I saw this kid. He was trying to fit himself into a cardboard box and was struggling mightily, but he was also having a really grand time during the process. And from beneath the large grey tarp behind him, l could also hear two or three more voices laughing—kids squeeling and giggling in delight and clearly playing some sort of elaborate game. Reminded me of the days when my favorite activity was hiding in the clothing racks in T.J. Maxx and/or burying myself under the thick plastic coating of the local high school’s gigantic high jump cushion.

Kids are awesome.


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