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Blythe Danner on Charles Street.

I took this photo while walking through Beacon Hill the other day—I just thought these older women were so elegant (me heart a camel coat with a black bucket bag), and they also seemed to be having lots of fun together, shopping and enjoying the sun. But what I love most about this photo is the point that the woman on the right has got going on. It’s a true female “ooo, but did you see those shoes” hand gesture, the kind of point that has been used and understood by women the world over for millions of years…or, I guess, since stores were first invented, whichever came first. (The point is, online shopping can not be this fun.) I also like that her friend in black is clearly taking the recommendation seriously with that slight head lean-in and tiny smile. You know they totally went in the store.

Blah, blah, I want to buy lots of things all the time, and who doesn’t. But Spring is the worst, isn’t it? All the cute sandals staring you in the face, and the printed skirts, and light-weight blouses, and Boston seems to have endless cute boutiques popping up and down and jumping on you and attacking you when you least expect it. I keep the buyer’s remorse at bay by walking with my head down when I go to work on Newbury, and muttering to myself about that skirt I bought two months ago that was only twenty dollars but I still haven’t worn it yet, and then diving into bowls of nasty-butt Trader Joe’s cereal and stacks of fashion magazines when I get home.

I have to say, I find fashion magazines pretty harmless in the whole realm of the wanting to shop NOW thing. Unlike H&M, the cult of Anthropologie housed on Boylston, or Katie Holmes slyly beckoning me with that trademark smirk to just walk in and try on some pants at Ann Taylor, I don’t think I’m going to be running out on a whim to buy a Fendi dress anytime soon, and considering Anna W. isn’t really into reppin’ Marshalls next to D&G ads, flipping through VOGUE and ELLE every month is actually fun. (As is looking at the “trends” and often giggling in confused laughter/crying and wishing I was an Olsen twin.) And THEN, I was brushing my teeth a couple of nights ago, and, okay, it was really late at night when this happened and I’d had a rough night on the orange line, but I looked down, and I was like, “homygod this horribly clashing set of pajamas I’ve got going on looks SO spring 2011!! I am SO FIERCE!!!” (But seriously.) You take Jil Sander’s spring line and add a dash of the new Prada, and you have what I’ve been wearing to bed every night for the past week, and all I did was shop at a thrift store three years ago and then add a splash of Target pants!

I mean, eerie, right? (Also, it’s not really a big deal or anything, but I’m Rihanna.)



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Green for Spring!

I was too embarrassed to run in front of this old guy and take his picture when I saw him walking down Charles Street the other day, so sadly, the image is not that great. But you can sort of imagine how amazing this Celtics coat was even from the back, right? It was REALLY green, and I REALLY want one.

All business right there.

Go Celtics.



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