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Resolutions for 2012

1) Eat more pudding.

(I had some pudding on January 1st, by accident. Very pleased to have rediscovered that pudding is SO GOOD.)

2) Watch more TV. (I don’t really watch TV, and it makes me feel boring at lunch. I’ve heard the show below is good though?)

3) Call my grandparents once a week, casually run into Tom Brady and Gisele while buying a bag of spinach, run away to Mexico with Tina Fey for the weekend and….

BLOG MORE!! Hooray!!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years, and is looking forward to a great 2012, filled with endless news about our hard-working politicians ripping each other to shreds!!!



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There was a lamb there all along!

Many months ago, during our frigid and long winter, I posted some photos of the Catholic Church on Hanover Street. I loved how the statues looked buried in the snow, and I loved the bright green and super-cheesy wall that served as a back-drop.

WELL, I was walking around the same spot the other day, in the midst of a glorious GLORIOUS spring day, and I noticed how the whole area had been totally transformed: gone were the grey snow and fallen branches; in its’ place now a stunning display of pink flowers and heat and green grass and new life and tourists peeking at things and late April loveliness. And I discovered something entirely new about the site while I was at it: lambs! (Baby lambs!) Who knew, but there were baby lambs near the stoic praying people all along!

Speaking of the world’s most precious lamb….

Still not over it.

Probably never will be.


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She’s from Cambridge!!!!

Doesn’t Mindy look so beautiful? (This is at the S.A.G. awards. Her glow is clearly from all those time she waited on the platform at Harvard and stared down the oncoming trains, wondering, “Ashmont?” or “Braintree?”)

So, yeah, Mindy grew up in Cambridge. Went to BB&N. Then to Dartmouth. Apparently this is all old news:

Whatever, I’m still excited. SUPER-EXCITED. Guys, we’re all practically BFF with Mindy!!! Yay for Tuesday!



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Obligatory Super Bowl Post.

Okay, so the Superbowl this year did not feature our beloved Patriots (sigh), and it was in Dallas (sigh?). Therefore, I have really no reason to write a post about it. This is a BOSTON-CENTERED blog, after all. But…every once in awhile, I’m going to stumble across non-Boston-related content that is worth sharing, and ladies and gentleman, I have found something worthy: a youtube clip of the 2001 SuperBowl Half-time show.

It is a thing of stunning beauty. Not only does it highlight how BAD the Black-Eyed-Peas were this year (and I don’t even dislike them that much; they make great music to read magazines and paint your nails to train for 10ks and blend protein shakes with), it reminds you of how GREAT life was when Britney and Justin still dated. And Britney was hot in 2001! SO HOT! (God, was she hot…) Then there is the opener, which I dweebly love: Stiller being Stiller, and Sandler being Sandler, and it’s so goofy and innocent and MTV and 2001. Then there is the beauty of watching NSYNC and their crazy running around and HIDEOUS outfits and realizing that for a few years all the members of that band were super-famous and riding VERY high; I mean, they performed at the Super Bowl Half-Time Show for Christ’s sake! With Aerosmith. Um??  They had tons of money, and probably a lot of girls, and they dressed like this (see below)??? And now minus that one dude who turned himself into a music phenom/movie-star, no one has any idea what happened to them….


(Seriously though, Justin Timberlake is the man. He can look back on his life and be like “Yeah, I used to prance around via choreographed dance moves while wearing denim patchwork pants and lip gloss and nine pounds of hair-gel in my hair, but, uh, now I make movies with David Fincher so…JOKE’S ON YOU!”)

Back to the video…

There is Mary J. in yellow fur being Mary J. And then Nelly comes out?!?!? I LIKE IT WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR KNEES TOUCH YOUR ELBOWS AND BREAK IT DOWN LOW!  I LOVE NELLY! I LOVE HIS HALF-AND-HALF JERSEY! (Fergie could have used some serious Nelly in her life last night. Also, perhaps a new singing voice.) I even love the MTV font that introduces all of the artists, and the stupid fans holding colored cardboard signs and all that line-dancing that goes on at the end. Basically, everyone seems to be having a lot more fun then the show I saw last night, which was so SLICK and BLACK AND SILVER and AUTO-TUNED and POLISHED and SORT OF CREEPY FUTURISTIC LIKE. All I wants to know is: whatever happened to a Stiller/Sandler opening, and some classic rock bands and boy bands and rappers and R&B singers and saucy pop starts having fun and looking really stupid and putting on a good time?

Next year’s Super Bowl will be better. The Pats will be there, and (fingers-crossed) maybe they’ll even be a little half-time entertainment courtesy of Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone!



(Editor’s note: Basically, Tom Brady just called me (he does this a lot), and those were all his thoughts I just spit out at you. He has a lot to say about Nsync. (And yes, of course, I told him congrats on the MVP on behalf of all of us. Duh.))

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