I can not claim to be a true Bostonian. I didn’t grow up here. I grew up in a small town near Cape Cod, where I spent most of my childhood running around in the fields, tilling corn, and talking to animals. As a kid, going to the city was reserved for special occasions—to eat pizza at Bertucci’s and then catch a Red Sox game with my Dad, or to run up and down the musical stairs at the Museum of Science with my brother, and get overly excited about that machine that would flatten your pennies and spit them out covered in cool dinosaur designs. (My Mom sat in the corner, doing whatever people did in 1992 when they found themselves to be extremely bored and not in possession of an iPhone. Fall asleep? Talk to strangers?) When I was ten or so, my Dad did move to Boston for awhile, but my acquaintance with the city at that point was still pretty, um, lame; most of what I did involved moping around Urban Outfitters in horrible Delia*s skater jeans, and pining away at their collection of lava lamps. (I did get to eat plenty of burgers at O’Leary’s, though.)

So, yeah, I’m no expert on the city. Nor am I someone you’d find in a Ben Affleck movie, though I do spend 43% of every day recreating The Town in my head, which obviously makes me pretty legit. And I do live here now, so that’s a start. And I love it. I love this city. This blog is about all of that: the good, the bad, and the strange about living in Boston; my thoughts as I explore and observe it; and my hopes to run into Doc Rivers on the street and have him adopt me. (Though I’d settle for bumping into Gisele at Trader Joe’s and having her ask me to be the new nanny.) And yes, writing W.B. also has a lot to do with the delusional belief that I should be visiting as many restaurants and museums and shops that this wonderful city has to offer, and then rattling on about them via blog posts, because the world wide web just doesn’t have enough of that going on already. Also, money grows on trees.

I hope you enjoy it, and that you are inspired to share your own Wicked Boston photos and thoughts—feel free to contact me at wickedbostonblog@gmail.com

Brian Daubach for life!


Caroline, aka CLAIRE from THE TOWN

Disclaimer: At times, posts may consist solely of telling stories about my roommates and/or recounting awkward conversations overheard on the T.

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