Talking Newt’s Surprise Win at the Manicure Place.

Things the woman sitting next to me at the nail salon said to her friend today, while flipping through US Weekly.
100% true.

-Do you still watch Gossip Girl?
-But you watch New Girl, right? Oh my God, so funny.
-Wait, do you watch 2 Broke Girls? It’s sooo funny.
-Uh, oh my God, I love Blake Shelton.
-He is—he’s a fav.
-Wait, Drew Barrymore is engaged? Are you kidding!?
-Who even is this guy?
-I didn’t even know she had a BOY-friend!
-Will..Kopelmahn? Will…Kaaahpelmen?
-Whoa, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldena are dating.
-That’s weird.
-That’s super weird.
-She looks great in everything though.
-That doesn’t even look anything like Reese Witherspoon in this picture.
-Does that look like Reese Witherspoon to you?
-No, right?
-She looks weird.
-It was so sad when she and Ryan Phillipe broke up.
-I was, like, so sad.
-No, you’re right, her new guy is really great.
-Oooh, Curtis Stone had his baby!!!!
-Hudson! What a cute name. So cute.
-Yeah, with that girl from 90210.
-Um, she was on Lipstick Jungle?
-Wait you never saw Lipstick Jungle!!!! Such a good show.

And so on and so forth.
And the kicker: she was wearing a GIANTS jersey. Meh.


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One response to “Talking Newt’s Surprise Win at the Manicure Place.

  1. Mom

    Do you have an altzhimeir’s ad on your site in case your mother is reading your post? Such a waste, cause I’ll just forget I read it. What I won’t forget? Watching the Giants game and seeing a crazy car add featuring Brett Siddell.

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