Happy Hump Day!

That’s what Ethel, the slightly insane lady who swiped my meal card at the dining hall in college, used to scream out to everyone on Wednesdays. (Also, a lot of “how you doin’ baaaaabies?”) She was awesome. And I miss the fro-yo machine.

So in honor of awesome things like her and fro-yo (including this morning’s beautiful weather), here’s this song and this photo, because they’re wonderful too.

Uh, Bruce, why ARE YOU SO GOOD.

Speaking of good advertising for bringing back head-scarfs…I’m digging the new Tanqueray campaign. Along with the intense smell of urine (and an angry girl playing Melissa Etheridge on her guitar), the new ads have been greeting me every morning in Harvard Square when I get off the T. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Black and white photography, that lovely and iconic Tanqueray emerald-green, and an aesthetic that evoke 1960s Britain (in An Education sort-of-way) always works for me.

He almost makes you want a g&t right away, even at 7:45 in the morning….

(My boyfriend’s input: “Uh, yeah, that’s the guy from the Wire. You NEED to watch The Wire. How have you NOT watched The Wire. How have you NOT….” Yeah, yeah, yeah….)

Here’s an old T ad as well:

Good then, and good now.



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