Hockey Tears

So instead of a usual post about the mouse that lives in my apartment and wears a beret and who ate a tomato out of the bowl on our counter the other night, and also my theory that they put crack in the Dunkin Donuts coffee in the Harvard Square T station BECAUSE IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD AND I CAN’T STOP BUYING IT and it is worth spending fifty bucks a month on watery sugar right???, I’m going to write a post about advertising. Basically, I’m interning in this business, I really enjoy this business, Boston is a pretty great advertising city, blahblahblah, here’s a commercial I like.

So, yeah, I like this ad for Chrysler.

(And it’s perfect for the middle of summer, since it’s about playing hockey in Michigan. Um…)

The first time I saw the ad, it was on mute because I was in a bar, and it still got through to me. (Well, maybe it was the beer…Also, I am always an easy target for father-son spots like this. Also, I actually may like it better on mute. (That it even works on mute is pretty cool.)) But I truly love the story-telling aspect of the spot, and the move Chrysler has made to make their brand signify quiet determination—and, yes, something very American in spirit. Their embracing of the where they come from and who they are stands out, and it seems to be working very well for them. Just like with the Eminem ad, I felt very affected—and I’ve never even been to Detroit. If that’s not “creating brand emotion” as discussed in this great AdWeek article from awhile back, I’m not sure what is.

Of course, I’m not planning on buying a car anytime soon. And therein lies the auto industry’s (and creatives) problem….


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