That’s some good sax.

Glorious day in Boston. GLO-RI-OUS, in a Will Ferrell voice. A day for eating cold pasta and listening to Van.

Uh, this song is so North End. From the opening line, to all the images of hot men doing construction it brings to mind (whaaat?) and, of course, those horns. The North End in general is very 80s sax-like horn intense. There are always a lot of people walking around in ill-fitting acid-wash jeans like it’s 1984. I thoroughly enjoy it.

Things also on my mind:

Sun hats.

Yeah, just sun hats and Bridg….

Also, I wish I was blonde. Hmm, just now while writing this, I stretched my foot out and thought, “that feels weird, but strangely nice too…” A pool of sunlight on the carpet? Try I just stuck my entire foot in a plate of hummus.

Off to the sink. Happy Sunny Wednesday!



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