This guy again…

I saw this dude at Park Street station last night. And I should have just walked up and taken his picture portrait-style, but I was a tad afraid that he would try to engage me in a long conversation/my iPhone-pictures-of-strangers habit is really getting out of hand. (I have dozens of (potentially amazing) photos I’d love to share but mostly they’re just the butts/annoyed faces of people I’m casually pretending to not stalk…) Anyhow, this guy’s been around for awhile, right? And there is just something about him, I find; something a little fascinating. Maybe it’s that he doesn’t make a lot of noise when he does he thing, but I don’t really mind the whole get-up or get-out-the-message technique he’s got going. I mean, I don’t go to church—far from it—but it’s funny to just watch everyone barrel past him like he’s a total wack job. Which he probably is. A huge one. But those signs, well, they are….eye-catching. There I am, waiting for my train home and thinking about if I’m going to eat tunafish when I get back or steal my roommate’s strange vegetarian leftovers or maybe pop some popcorn and dump peanut butter all over it, and maybe I should buy some red jeans for spring, and maybe I should have gone to college NOW and not when I was so young and STUPID, and maybe I should be grateful I don’t live in Japan right now and send some money instead of buying a damn STRAW FEDORA or something else I don’t need cause no, I’m not Diane Kruger thank you very much, and there’s this guy with his colorful sign asking me if I know if I’m going to go to Heaven when I die type of thing. I mean, DUDE, really. I already ride the T everyday. COME ON!

(So yeah, I guess I do mind him…)

Seriously, though, you gotta admire his perseverance and commitment. I feel like I’ve seen that guy doing his thing since I was twelve or something. And, you know, I have,  like, five quotes hanging around my desk right now about the importance of building habits and having character and “writer’s write” and all that stuff, but somehow it’s always almost 1 a.m. and whattyaknow I’m eating Triscuits in bed and on the HuffingtonGodDamnPost again, clicking at photos of Kate Middleton younger brother while he was in elementary school….

Yep, time for beeed.

(And sorry to not have been posting as much. Life has been sort of like the Celtics play as of late: mediocre to slightly alarming at best, emphasis on the I’m-a-waitress-and-my-feet-hurt flavor. But I have faith! And I have not given up on the Big Three!!! RAAAAAAAAAAY ALLEN/It’ll all work itself out, cause it has to!)



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