Back to the cold thing.

(Okay, clearly I took this picture in February, as there is snow on the ground, but this photo still works for today somehow. It’s a very Monday-looking photo. Also, that teapot is cool.)

In other news, I was walking down the street and talking to my mom on my cell-phone the other day, when a cat appeared on the curb from behind some bushes. It was orange and white, and acting all lost and shady. I mumbled something about a strange cat being on the sidewalk near me, and my mother said, “Wait, are you saying you’re walking past an actual animal right now, or are you describing to me a cool person that you’re seeing?” Obviously, I was speechless.

Oh, and one last important note: does anyone else get overly excited when you’re about to go to bed and you’re standing at the sink brushing your teeth like a zombie, when you suddenly remember that you showered a few hours ago and then did nothing, meaning you DON’T have to go through that horribly tiring ordeal of washing your face tonight and then rubbing cream all over it? Maybe it’s just me, but that epiphany can bring a lot of joy. A lot. I practically bounded into my bed in a fit of giggles and thankfulness last night. Washing your face is so boring and wet sometimes, right?


Happy Monday.



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