St. Patty’s Day

Hopefully everyone had a good Saint Patrick’s Day yesterday, and enjoyed the beautiful BEAUTIFUL day. I got to spend some time with my boyfriend’s grandparents (we went to Amrheins for lunch) and it was really crowded and green and beer-filled and nice. (Plus, my boyfriend’s grandfather always tells good stories, and, as you will see, his grandmother can still somehow make bright green look incredibly glamorous. And probably a paper bag too, if she wanted.) I also meet this guy smoking a cigar when I walked out my door first thing in the morning, and had to take his picture like a creep. (Though I did ask this time.) His name is Charlie, he said he’s Italian-American but loves the holiday, and how can you not appreciate the mustache and the Celtics gear?

Missing the parade on Sunday, which makes me sad, but hopefully the rest of the weekend is just as warm and fun. Boston isn’t a bad place to be for this holiday, eh?


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