Happy Monday!

I really love this woman. I took her photo yesterday on the way to work. It was 7:45 a.m. on a Sunday and there were probably five of us on the T, and I think we were all pretty out of it. Then, at Copley, the doors to one of the cars got stuck and would not close, so the driver of our car, sighing loudly, came down to fix it. He could not, and was soon joined by the driver from the car ahead of us, and then joined by another T employee from the actual station who came to help. After some manly chuckling and team-work (and me cursing the T in my head and staring at the ceiling and muttering like a crazy person) they got the door mostly closed, but the deal was sealed when one of them repeatedly kicked it (quite hard, might I add) just to be sure it was not going to re-open. (I was, like, really? I feel so safe now!) But the old lady in the picture loved this. I had not seen her smile yet, but she suddenly let out a joyful cackle, and said to me/no one in particular, “Yes, that’s how you fix the Russian way!” Then she nodded her head a few times in agreement. She was very pleased.

And when you add to that her amazing hair, the lining on her coat, that she was carrying a bunch of yellow flowers to God knows where… (well, hmm, maybe Church)…as much as I hate the T sometimes, I can’t imagine not riding it every day, and being able to be around people this like woman. Sometimes it’s even a nice experience.

(And in regards to whether or not she knew I was taking her picture…)

Should I feel bad? Eh, maybe a little…but the photos were taken in appreciation and good spirit, and maybe I just caught her “f, it’s so early face” and not her “leave me the f alone YA CREEP” one, because you know, I’m very tricky with my phone. (This one was snapped pre-door kicking.) So, yeah. I hope that it’s all okay.

Happy Day Light Savings Bright Morning. Hope your T ride went smoothly.



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