U2 Music in my head

American flag, a little Robert Frank inspiration. What a lovely weekend. Took this picture on my way to work on Saturday, on Salem Street in the North End. Walking by this store everyday makes me happy, mostly because it’s usually closed. Also, people were wearing t-shirts during the first week of March. You probably don’t want to admit that you walked around all day hearing Bono sing “it’s a beauuuuutiful daaaaay” in your head, but I will.

Happy Monday.



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One response to “U2 Music in my head

  1. Gallerina

    After an epic pillow fight that resulted in down feathers ALL OVER our (beautiful) North End apartment, WhaddYa Need was asking for 30$ AN HOUR to rent a vacuum. WHAT DO I NEED, to eat, COME ON wdyn. Not okay.

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