You need to sit down this may take awhiiiiiile…

I lived in New York City for awhile, and it seems like there were always people (aka freaks) singing on the subway platforms, and on the trains, and in the street, and in your face. Some were very good, some were very bad, and some were so scary that they made you want to cry and run for the hills when you heard them, all the while looking over your shoulder and wondering if maybe you were the stupid one, and perhaps this drunk chick screaming in public about bananas and glitter may actually turn out to be our next Lady Gaga. Thankfully (?), Boston doesn’t have quite so many characters, but there are a few street singers around who I like, and this guy performing at Harvard Square the other day was one of them. First of all, I greatly appreciated his music style; he wasn’t doing the normal guitar-strumming-folky-soft-spoken-Berklee-student-acoustic thing that is always happening around the Green line, and can sort of make me vomit. (Not that I don’t love the John Mayer/Jason Mraz impersonators who sing on Newburt Street every weekend when it’s sunny out. They’re sweet, and sometimes when I walk past them I like to pretend it’s 1999, and I’m starring in a Savage Garden music-video.) I loved the dated R&B noises coming out of this dude’s amp-machine thingy-majig (yeah, I don’t know anything about music equipment), and I loved his song selection: Usher’s amazing (creepy) love song “You Remind Me Of A Girl”, off the classic album 8701, which came out during my freshman year of high school, and sort of changed my life.

Happy Tuesday, and hurray for Usher cover tunes in the middle of February.

(And yes, of course I gave the dude some money; if you’re going to be annoying and stare at someone and take Hipstamatic-hipstercrap iPhone pictures of them to post on your blog later while they actually have the balls to sing in public….well, you gotta pony up some cash.)



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